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Missing My Trash Picking

It’s been awhile (about a week and a half) since I’ve gone trash picking.  I’m sick with regret.  All of the stuff I am probably missing…I need to go out.  I haven’t because I have my living room full of crap that we’ve rescued and haven’t done a thing with.  I don’t want to create clutter, but I want to find some treasures.  What is a girl to do??


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Trash has been good to me, I also have a working Dell Laptop

2 posts ago, I mentioned finding a dell laptop. I paid $8 for an ac adapter on ebay.   To my suprise, it worked well, was not password protected, but ran very slowly.  I had a computer tech coming to fix my real laptop, so I had him look at the Dell too.

$40 bucks later, I had the HD wiped clean and a new install of Windows 7. Installed a couple of missing drivers and now it works like new.  It’s in great cosmetic condition too.

The trash has been good to me 🙂

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I picked the trash and all I got was a brand new 40in Sony Bravia LCD TV

In a previous post, I mentioned finding a Sony Grand Wega 50″ Rear Projection TV.  The television wouldn’t power on, but after some research, I learned that Sony Grand Wega’s are known for having bad lamps.  I found a lamp for $80 and figured I would call it investment.

When the lamp arrived, we installed it.  The TV worked…almost flawlessly.  It had (and still does) two large yellow spots in the middle of the TV screen and blue dots in the background.  The picture is still manageable.  It mainly has an annoying yellow tint.  I was going to sell the TV but decided to research the color issues first.  There has gotta be something I can do to fix this after spending $80.

What I found in my research was so much more valuable than fixing the color.  I found out that Sony has had several complaints regarding their Grand Wega TV sets and some models are involved in a class action lawsuit.  These TV’s have defective optical blocks.  Since most of the TV’s are out of warranty, Sony refuses to do a lot about it.

It just turned out that they got enough complaints to implement a “replacement” program on the model I found.  Yay me!  I called up Sony and was offered a Sony Bravia 4oin Flat Screen LCD TV for $75.  Now, here’s the catch.  I spent about $80 on the bulb for the TV I found. That is part of the Optical Block issue so I received a credit for $80.  That made my new TV FREE!!!!

So I am now the proud owner of a brand new televison. I also have the one we found. It works fine for the kids considering the TV I had in my living room before was in worse condition.

Think twice before you throw your stuff out!

Want more information on the Sony Optical Block Issue? Read this website about their pending lawsuit and other action taken by Sony Customers.

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Back At It

My partner and I decided to take a break for about a week.  Last Sunday when we went out, there were tons of people in our special area.  I’m not sure where the influx of people came from, but it was annoying.  Then we decided that we had a lot that we need to fogure out what to do with, so we opted for sleep instead of hunting for trash.

While we didn’t see a lot of people out last night, we didn’t see a lot of trash either.  I guess there wasn’t much to be thrown out.  We left our special area and went to another area that we’ve only been to once.  I was almost ready to leave when we stumbled upon a large slew of items.  Someone apparently had a yard sale and threw out the items they didn’t want.  Many people in our area will post an ad on craigslist for a “curb alert” when they throw out yeard sale items.  I guess these people didn’t because among other things, we found a Dell Inspiron 6000 (laptop).  It looks older, but who cares…it was free.  I’m going to get a charger for it and see if we can use it.

There were also cd’s, dvd’s, home decorations, beach chairs, household items and more.  The people that it belonged to came out and looked at us.  They weren’t rude but wanted to see who was trash picking.  Overall, it was a wonderful night.

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No trash for me

I skipped going out Thursday night because I was too tired. I will usually ignore y fatigue and go anyway, but I didn’t The next morning, on my way to the grocery store, I stopped in an area and decided to take a look. The trash hadn’t been picked up. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness! I am usually too embarrased to look when people are around, but I ignored that. It was daytime and I could see everything so perfectly. We didn’t end up finding much, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

I did go out last night, but only magaed to find two things. It almost looked as if the trash wasn’t being picked up the following day. After a half an hour or so, we reluctantly left the area and returned home.

Where’s the trash at?

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Trash isn’t the only thing I love getting for free

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of curbside recycling, but in all honesty, I love all things free.  I get a rush from saving money and getting things I need or want at a reduced price.  I decided to do some coupon shopping today to catch up on another hobby of mine: couponing.  I went to a local grocery store to do a promo where you buy $35 worth of selected items and get a $15 gas gift card free via mail-in rebate.  I got about 16 bottles of body wash and 4 4-pks. of soap for $4 PLUS I will get a $15 gas card via mail in rebate.  It was a sweet deal because I can use these items.  Everyone uses soap/body wash, right?  I guess I will need it after all the time I spend hunting for trash treasures.

I ventured to another grocery store where they were giving away crest toothpaste and oral-b toothbrushes for free after coupons.  I racked up on a large supply.  Then, I also found a deal for secret deodorant.  I bought 3 for $2 and change after coupons and received a coupon for $5 off any shopping order of $5 or more.  The only prohibited items are tobacco, gift cards and other items not allowed by law.

Now I need to put all of the stuff away.  Thank goodness I have rescued countless plastic storage bins…my free stuff will be stored away neatly in the basement.

Off to see what I can get free tomorrow….in the store and at the curb.

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I Re-Decorated…In a trashy sort of fashion

I recently put my house up for sale.  I hate the neighborhood and people.  Heck, I hate the trash.  Not really, but I find better things in other areas.  I tried selling my house before, but considering the circumstances, I didn’t get anywhere and am still stuck here.  Now that I’ve been curbside recycling, I redecorated my house and have gotten a few comments.  My porch doesn’t have anything new (to me), but the living room is adorned with a big, beautiful reddish Afghan Area Rug.  This rug has to weigh as much as my 11 year old.  It has a classic type of design and adds character to my otherwise bland looking floor.  I’ve placed my like new sofa bed/couch right on top of it.  I have the couch covered with a suede couch cover because the print didn’t match with my other trash décor.  Unfortunately, my cover wasn’t something I came across for free.  My couch is adorned with a couple of throw pillows, all of which are recycled finds.  I have a large 50” Sony rear projection TV (still waiting to be fixed) and a nice, modern Ikea coffee table with matching end tables.  I swear, I’ve seen millions of these coffee tables all thrown out.  However, I rarely find the end tables to match, which I also have.

My kitchen has a round table, which comfortably seats four.  We stained it and threw a new to us table cloth on it.  Throw a vase with flowers on top and it almost looks like something out of a magazine.

There is more around the rest of the house.  Sometimes I walk in and don’t recognize it’s my place.

I’ve gotten good feedback though.  The first person that came to view my home said it was beautiful.  My response: thank you!.  I have to remind myself that everyone doesn’t need to know everything about me.

I hope to get a chance to upload pictures soon.

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