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The Freegan Establishment

I’m still amazed by the freegan movement and the lengths that people go through to avoid consumerism.  I found this article very interesting.  It’s about people deeply involved in freegansim.  There are some good points, but being a mother, I don’t agree with going all the way.  There is a limit to the free stuff.  What do you think?


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Tonight’s curbing finds….

There weren’t many at all.  I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed.  There was a large bookshelf and a tall chair that I passed up.  I brought home a pink plastic bin, Ikea baby high chair, wastebasket, and a circular saw.  That was pretty much it.

I thought I would find more because people were moving in and out of new places, plus it is getting warm and there hadn’t been any rain lately.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Better luck next time 😦

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The best things in life are free…..

While I haven’t been able to do any dumpster diving because of the cold (and now rain), I’ve been doing lots of craigslist curb alerts.  They are as good as dumpster diving in my book because people put items out on the curb, post an ad on craigslist, and ask people to stop by and take the items.

Just this past Saturday, someone posted a curb alert for furniture and footwear.  Since I was bored, I decided to take a look.  Not everyone posts exactly what they put out.  Sometimes, it’s a big, fun, treasure hunt.  You never know what you are going to find.

When I arrived at the curb alert, the items were a mess.  Things were thrown out and it looked like a big pile of trash.  I’m not afraid to go digging.  It’s what I do best!  I was with my partner and he however, was a little timid at first because there were two bars and lots of people standing around.  I began looking.  I found some floating shelves.  Next, I found some assorted housewares.  I’ve been into decorating my home lately and free is always the cheapest it gets!

I put those items in the car and walked over to the pile of mess again.  My partner pointed out a Macbook Box.  I figured that no one would throw out a Macbook, so I began looking inside of the bags.  I found something silver that caught my eye.  It turned out to be a laptop!!  I was so excited!  Further examination of the bag revealed all of the manuals and cds that come with the laptop when they are new.  We took those items to the car and went back to the pile once again.  I decided to look through the clothes.  It was there that I found the charger to the laptop.  A complete laptop…I can dig it!

My partner plugged the laptop in when we returned to the car for good.  I have a power inverter for things of this nature.  The laptop works just fine.  It is an older Gateway Solo 5300.  It is in great cosmetic condition and works.  I couldn’t ask for more….well, maybe wifi, but I ordered a network card from ebay and should have the internet up and running on it within no time :).

My son has been asking me for a laptop forever.  This nice new (to us) item may be his….if he can get his grades up.  I already have a laptop that works well.  I can’t afford to buy him one, but this is a total blessing.

The good folks that threw this item out didn’t mention it in their craigslist post.  I’m happy, because it wouldn’t have been there otherwise.  Finding that laptop made my day and kept me busy.  My partner says from now on, he isn’t going to hesitate in looking.  Let that be a word to the wise….have no shame in your game.  People may stare and even laugh when they see you digging, but I guarantee you they’ll stop once they see your treasures!

We hit more curb alerts.  I came home with an 8′ x 10′ cream rug.  I am in love with rugs: they are versatile and provide a quick change to your home.  It is in great condition and pretty much clean.

We also obtained some heavy duty cardboard storage boxes, computer equipment, including a huge battery back up/UPS (uninterrupted power supply), a small 3-drawer dresser, a toy car for the kids, and a brand new carrying bag.  It was a great weekend and I had fun.

It’s raining now which totally sucks.  The end of the month is the BEST time to find free things.  People are moving, can’t take everything with them, and end up throwing it out.

Hoping the rain stops soon…..

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Taking a Break

I’ve decided to take a break from curbing until I get my head straight.  This includes taking my medication, which makes me sleepy at night.  One reason I started curbing was because I couldn’t sleep at night.

I’ve only been on it a week, but once my body is used to it, I hope to start curbing activities a few nights a week.

Until then, stay tuned and thanks for reading 🙂

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Missing My Trash Picking

It’s been awhile (about a week and a half) since I’ve gone trash picking.  I’m sick with regret.  All of the stuff I am probably missing…I need to go out.  I haven’t because I have my living room full of crap that we’ve rescued and haven’t done a thing with.  I don’t want to create clutter, but I want to find some treasures.  What is a girl to do??

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Trash has been good to me, I also have a working Dell Laptop

2 posts ago, I mentioned finding a dell laptop. I paid $8 for an ac adapter on ebay.   To my suprise, it worked well, was not password protected, but ran very slowly.  I had a computer tech coming to fix my real laptop, so I had him look at the Dell too.

$40 bucks later, I had the HD wiped clean and a new install of Windows 7. Installed a couple of missing drivers and now it works like new.  It’s in great cosmetic condition too.

The trash has been good to me 🙂

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No trash for me

I skipped going out Thursday night because I was too tired. I will usually ignore y fatigue and go anyway, but I didn’t The next morning, on my way to the grocery store, I stopped in an area and decided to take a look. The trash hadn’t been picked up. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness! I am usually too embarrased to look when people are around, but I ignored that. It was daytime and I could see everything so perfectly. We didn’t end up finding much, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

I did go out last night, but only magaed to find two things. It almost looked as if the trash wasn’t being picked up the following day. After a half an hour or so, we reluctantly left the area and returned home.

Where’s the trash at?

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